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TiVo TCD658000

$600.00 Released January, 2008

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Dual tuners - allows for watching one show while recording another, recording two simultaneous shows. Online connectivity for downloading or streaming movies, TV and music. TiVo is the #1 brand name in DVRs.

The Cons:Expensive. Requires a cable card, replaces your cable box - you lose specific cable services like on-demand. Poor remote compared to previous generations.

The TiVo TCD658000 is the top model HD DVR offered by TiVo, known as the "TiVo HD XL DVR" with several upgrades from the TiVo HD DVR. Most notably, this unit has a much larger 1 Terabyte hard drive and upgraded THX sound, which was seen in the previous Series3 model.

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It is capable of storing and impressive 150 hours of HD programming or 1350 hours of SD programming from analog cable, digital cable or analog antenna, has the ability to pause and rewind live TV, and a dual tuner allows you to record two shows at once in HD. Online connectivity allows you to download your favorite movies and TV shows from the web, stream music or even watch YouTube on TiVo.

Some useful TiVo features include "Season Pass" to record every episode in a series, advanced searches by topic, title, actor or director, "WishList" which records shows based on your favorite actor, director or topic and "TiVo Suggestions" which will suggest new shows based on how you vote to shows you have already watched. The TiVo Music Player and TiVo Digital Photo Viewer lets you enjoy your MP3 and photo collection off of your computer through your home entertainment system. The box is shipped with required cables and a backlit remote.


  • Manufacturer: TiVo
  • Original Hard Drive Size: 1 Terabyte GB Western Digital
  • Hard Drive Format: SATA
  • Original Recording Capacity: 1350 Hours at Basic Quality -or- 150 Hours HD
  • Exterior Dimensions: 16.5 x 12.625 x 3.375 inches
  • Weight (without cables and remote): 10 pounds (unit only)
  • Input Connections: 1 Antenna (split internally), 1 Cable (split internally)
  • Output Connections: 1 Composite (video and L/R audio), 1 S-Video, 1 Component, 1 HDMI, 1 Toslink Digital Optical
  • Other Ports: 1 Phoneline, 1 Ethernet (RJ-45), 2 USB, 1 eSATA, 1 Power
  • Original Remote: Series3 Black TiVo-Glo Peanut Remote
  • Buttons on Faceplate: 1 - Format
  • Fan Size: 70 x 70 x 25 mm
  • Current OS Version: 9.2
  • DirecTV Compatibility: No
  • Dual Tuner Capability: Yes
  • Networking Features: Yes
  • High Definition: Yes

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  • 2

    dual tuners - allows for watching one show while recording another, recording two simultaneous shows

  • 2

    online connectivity for downloading or streaming movies, TV and music

  • 2

    TiVo is the #1 brand name in DVRs

  • 2

    HDMI output

  • 1

    high capacity 1TB drive - capable of storing 150 hours of HD content or 1350 hours of SD content

  • 1

    THX certified audio

  • 1

    allows users to pause or rewind live TV

  • 1

    system software is highly advanced and easy to use

  • 2


  • 1

    requires a cable card, replaces your cable box - you lose specific cable services like on-demand

  • 1

    poor remote compared to previous generations

  • 1

    poor reliability and replacement warranty

  • 0

    no ability to record from digital over-the-air

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Gman: #tivo_tcd658000 If I was a cable customer like my in-laws, this would be a terrific DVR for me. It is similar to the old one I had with my employer, DISH. I'm glad though that I don't have to miss out on great features like this TiVo has just because I have satellite though since my Hopper records six shows at once during prime time. That helped eliminate conflicts in my family when we wanted to record more than two shows at once with our old DVR. If my in-laws don't get DISH, this would be a good gift for their anniversary. Apr 14, 12
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